The object of surveillance cameras is to get a clear picture of what is happening at your home or business. Whether your goals are theft or vandalism deterrence, employee monitoring, or remote management, your security system should be easy to use and reliable.

We use high quality cameras in both analog and digital types, and can provide a single camera solution or one involving hundreds of cameras working together seamlessly. Check on the nanny while you're at the office, or check on employees when you're miles away on a business trip. Monitor multiple sites on a single screen, zoom in and out, reposition cameras and more.


We provide first quality alarm products and clean professional installations. From burglary and radio back up to video verification, we have a complete line of products to fulfill you security needs. We also provide video analytics solutions to supplement and activate your alarm if intruders enter specified areas of your home or business.

Our technologies discriminate between animals, cars and real intruders without unreliable beams and expensive sonic detectors. Looking to receive alerts when basements are beginning to be flooded? How about when the temperature is too high or too low? Would you like to use your alarm system to dim the lights or turn on the TV and music system? Look to BargainByte to make top-tier alarm technology affordable.